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Namibia is home to abundant, world-class renewable energy resources and with increasing demand for green hydrogen worldwide, the country will be an early entrant in this new market. As outlined in the Harambee Prosperity Plan II, Namibia aims to become the first Zero Emission country in Africa.


Swakopmund is the fourth most populous city in Namibia and the administrative capital of the Erongo region, home to about 45,000 people. The vision for Swakopmund as cited in the Swakopmund Municipality Structure Plan is to become a “sustainable, livable and inclusive city” by 2040.


HDF Energy Namibia is committed to supporting these local and national ambitions by developing not only the first utility scale power plant in Swakopmund, the Renewstable® Swakopmund, but also by:


  • Producing 100% green, stable baseload electricity reducing Green House Gas emissions as well as,

  • Constructing a green hydrogen fueling station, a first of its kind for Namibia which will serve as a demonstrator for green mobility,

  • Reducing energy dependency through imports from neighbouring countries.

RenewstablE® benefits

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